Meet the local retailers at Cranbourne Park

Our local businesses are the heart and soul of our centre. They’re the people behind your delicious daily coffee, fresh cuts of premium meat, immaculately steamed work shirts, and carefully curated looks. We’re here to share the stories behind some of the hard-working retailers at Cranbourne Park.

Get to know our local retailers as they share their stories so that next time you drop in to support their business, they’ll know you’re here for them too.

We’re Here For Cranbourne Park.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Tran is spreading the love at her top-notch sandwich bar Simply Fresh. The popular spot at Cranbourne Park has a well-deserved reputation for feeding peckish locals.

“The diversity of customers make Cranbourne Park such a great place. I love our regulars – the conversations, the humour.”


Meet Jordan

Jordan’s workmates at Hairhouse Warehouse are like family, making every day a highlight.  Jordan is doing the third year of her apprenticeship and loves working with Tony and the team at Hairhouse Warehouse.

“You get to know so many beautiful people!  I’ve created friendships and memories since I have been here.”


Meet Faddy

Pharmacist Faddy Sharaby is dispensing good advice and healthcare remedies to his new customers in Cranbourne Park – a surefire prescription for success.

“It makes my job worthwhile when I can offer help and support to people I see in the community on a weekly basis.”


Meet Erol

A passion for delicious food brings people together Erol’s customers come back regularly for the special Turkish dishes.  We take great pride in what they make, and they love being a part of the Cranbourne Park community.

“I love getting to know the regulars and their families.  I feel a part of their lives.  It gives me a sense of community and family belonging.”


Meet Prem

Prem Pokhrel was on the right track when he opened the Groove Train 3 years ago. His engine-uity in the kitchen has created a loyal following of diners, many of whom have become his friends.

“I love  talking to people, chatting about their day and watching them enjoy a nice meal. Most of my regulars feel like friends I’ve known for years.”


Meet Evan

Evan Feore loves fixing people’s problems. Having regular customers come back for his services or just smile and wave as they pass by makes his day.

“The reaction I get when I’m able to personalise someone’s special item makes all the many hours of practice worthwhile.”