We are open!!!

News| 25th October 2020
We are open!!!
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Welcome back, we look forward to you safely shopping with your favourite stores, hairdressing and beauty services, cafes and restaurants.

Our team has been working hard to get our centre ready with new COVID safety plans in place as your safety remains our top priority.

To support a safe environment, shopping may look a little different as we’ve implemented additional measures to help with crowd management, shop front and virtual queuing and increased cleaning and sanitisation. We want to help you, so before you visit please check out our tips and tricks below on how to shop safely and plan your trip.

Across our centre we have a number of safety initiatives in place including:

· Hand sanitiser at all entrances

· Increased sanitisation and cleaning of all customer touch points and high traffic areas

· Physical and digital signage and PA announcements reminding customers to keep a safe distance apart

· Floor decals and physical distancing reference points in key areas

· Traffic and density management in our carparks and our malls

· Additional customer service staff to assist with managing social distancing

· Virtual queuing system to support our stores manage customer capacity limits

· Designated entry and exit points

· Queuing areas in high traffic locations and entrances

When you visit us please ensure you:

· Plan your shopping trip and use the closest entry to the store you are visiting

· Shop early and check our website for updates

· Keep a healthy 1.5 metres distance from other customers and team members

· Ensure you wear a well fitted face mask

· Maintain good hygiene including washing your hands or using the hand sanitiser provided

· Limit the number of people you shop with

· Book time to shop using the store’s queuing systems

And remember, to respect your fellow shopper and if you feel unwell, please stay home.

We are also proud to announce our partnership with St John Ambulance, who supports the safety initiatives we’ve developed and implemented across our centre.

We will continue to monitor and act upon the advice of the Victorian Government and you can stay up to date by visiting: vic.gov.au/coronavirus

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

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