How to Arrange an Amazing Get Well Soon Care Package

News| 24th May 2021
How to Arrange an Amazing Get Well Soon Care Package
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We all know the cooler climate can bring colds and bugs, leaving us feeling under the weather. So, it’s important we take care of ourselves, our health, and each other too!

If you know someone who needs a little TLC, sending a care package can provide an instant mood boost as assist as they’re on the mend.

For a cosy night in

Comfort is key with this care package, complete with items that will make spending some time in bed a little more enjoyable. Why not grab them:

  • A new Game from EB Games
  • A mug from Typo
  • New Slippers from Target
  • A beautiful throw for snuggling from Kmart

For the throat that needs soothing

We all need a little love and care during winter, particularly as cold and flu season hits. Help your loved one feel better with these heartfelt, handpicked treats that will clear the sinuses and warm the soul. You could get:

  • A heat pack from Priceline
  • A cuddly scarf from Sussans
  • A hot soup from the food court
  • some lemon, honey and ginger tea from Coles for a sore throat

For the ultimate mood booster

Ideal for the person who’s had a big work week or is simply missing the warmer weather, this care package is sure to put a pep in their step, with pieces that will make their home smell fresh. You could get:

  • Lavender essential oil from Blooms the Chemist
  • A bubble bath bomb for a soothing dip in the tub from Kmart
  • A fragrant candle from Dusk to keep things smelling sweet

For a relaxing Sunday in bed

Winter is the perfect excuse to stay in bed just that little bit longer on a weekend. These items help that little bit more. You could get:

  • A pair of cosy pyjamas from Best and Less
  • A popular novel from Kmart
  • A delicious treat from Muffin Break
  • A silk eye mask for a deeps night’s sleep from Target

Don’t forget to share your care package creations by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #StayWell.

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