Shopping Smart

Style Sessions Recap; How to shop smarter

This month I had the pleasure of meeting 100 lovely locals for the first ever Find Your Fashion Style Workshops at Cranbourne Park. We had great feedback across the 2 days and one thing that stood out for me was that a lot of you were pleasantly surprised at the options you found that could work for you in stores you would have never normally considered.

Whilst we delved into specific themes such as “Busy Mums” and “Preparing for Winter” I thought I would recap some of the general tips and tricks I gave the groups for organizing your wardrobe and shopping smarter.



This process requires some time and ruthlessness. We all are guilty of holding on to far more clothes than we ever wear. We’re also guilty of ‘having nothing to wear’. How does that work? Lose anything that these statements ring true for;

a) It never quite worked to begin with. It may have never fitted properly (also guilty if you’re waiting for your body shape to change, lose or gain weight…) the colour didn’t work or you never liked your arms in

that top…

b) It’s part of your fantasy wardrobe. “That dress will look amazing in Bali with heels and earrings” Cut to holiday reality when you don’t change out of singlets and shorts…

c) You love that bright pink top with yellow stars on it but it never went with anything in your wardrobe.


Before you make this list. Have a good think about your lifestyle. Realistically what does your day-to-day life consist of? As a mum I spend a lot of time in jeans and sneakers on the floor scooping up lego and

wiping noses… Think very hard and make a list of the TOP 10 – 15 pieces in your wardrobe. This is not your favourite things like the beautiful dress you only wear to weddings. This is the most frequently worn items. It may be uninspiring like white t-shirts and jeans but there’s a reason for this! Document these pieces by photographing them and creating the start of a moodboard

** TIP If you’re in a corporate environment you may want to make 2 lists, one for weekdays and one for weekends


Your list will tell you a lot about yourself and your dressing habits. You may see patterns emerge in styles, colours and cuts you obviously feel the best in. As an example I found that all my pants and skirts are highwaisted and I have no tight tops. Have a think about why it is you like these pieces. Women always ask me what might suit their body shape and I tell them that by doing this they will often uncover that all by themselves. What we feel great in is more often than not what suits us.


I always use home decorating as an example for this one. Most of us are terrific at mood boarding and work shopping colour themes we love for our home. I encourage this sort of mentality when it comes to your wardrobe. It may seem limiting at first but it actually allows for a world of creativity once you get the knack of it.

Start with your neutrals and top 10 list. Then add your colours. These may be what’s already in your top 10 or you might like to start fresh. Look at colours that work well with your neutrals and look great together. As you add more colours, make them ones that work back with what you have.

And Viola! You have yourself a moodboard! (Example top 10 pieces all from Forever New)


The planning is done, you have your list, you have your mood board and now you’re ready to shop!

- Remember your lifestyle

- Refer back to the list, does your new purchase work with these items?

- Use your mood board. I’ve just started with two colours (neutrals also) here but as you feel more confident, add in another, and of course include pattern!

Outfit from Forever New


Outfit from Forever New


Outfit from Dotti


Clothes from Just Jeans & Shoes and Bag from Novo


Clothes from Just Jeans & Watch and Ring from Michael Hill Jewellers